Frequently Asked Question: Does Medicare Cover X-Rays?

Let’s face it – Medicare can be confusing. There are many frequently asked questions that people on Medicare often ask. One of these such questions is whether Medicare covers x-rays and other diagnostic procedures/tests. So, does Medicare cover x-rays? The short answer is, yes, Medicare does cover diagnostic tests and x-rays. Generally speaking, Medicare covers these at 80%. If you have a Medicare supplement plan (a Medigap – NOT a Medicare Advantage – which are not Medicare Supplements) picks up the other 20%.

X-rays are covered under Medicare Part B. Part B covers many outpatient services/procedures, including doctor’s services, ambulance services, outpatient therapy services, some chiropractic care, and home health services, in addition to x-rays and other diagnostic services.

Medicare will only pay for these Part B-covered services if they are medically necessary and performed by a provider that accepts Medicare patients.

Part B is the optional part of Medicare. If you are still working when you turn 65, you are not automatically enrolled in Part B. So, you should make sure that you are enrolled in Part B if you are trying to find out if a procedure was, or will be, covered. To have the full, “original” Medicare coverage, you must have both parts of Medicare – Part A and Part B.

If you have questions about Medicare itself, or Medigap plans, which are designed to fill in the gaps in Medicare and pay what Medicare does not pay – please contact us at 877.506.3378 or on our website at

NOTE: If you are facing x-rays or further diagnostic testing, it is likely that you would not be eligible for a Medigap plan at this time UNLESS you are still within your initial open enrollment period (6 months after you turn 65 or start on Medicare). Yet another reason why it is important to get a plan when first eligible or face the possibility of never being able to get one.

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